Pre-season checklist

Good morning! Some reminders because the start of football is quickly approaching. Practice begins August 8. Use the calendar to see upcoming events. If you know of others not on SportsYou, have them contact Coach Clem.

  1. Physicals and registration need to be completed before Aug 8. The sooner the better. Do not register until you have the physical uploaded (all pages). Link:
  2. Our football camp is July 29-31. Link:
  3. The player store is open July 8-22. We want to wear polo’s for gameday so if there is one purchase we would like you to make it would be that. Link:
  4. This is new for incoming 9th graders but they will need a 5-pad girdle for under their practice and game pants. You can find it at Scheels or Dick’s locally or purchase it online.
  5. Our major fundraiser is selling gold cards, and we will be handing those out soon. We ask that each team member sell at least 20. This is used for equipment, uniforms, etc…Last year we spent over $20K, which is just our portion.
  6. Please don’t schedule appointments, vacations, etc…after August 8. Missing any in-season meetings, lifting, or practice will put the player behind and affect playing time.
  7. Our parent meeting is August 7th at 6pm in the Legacy Auditorium.

Thanks, Coach Clem