As we go into each football season we want to make sure parents have covered all necessary registrations, fees, etc. Feel free to utilize this as your pre-season checklist:

Pre-Season Checklist- Team Registration and Fees/Dues.

Team registration is where you upload all necessary medical information and your sports physicals. As a reminder, sports physicals should be completed before the first practice. The link for this form can be found here:

Student fees should be paid with the school, this will be available by the first week in August. The link for all student fees can be found here:

Booster Fees/Dues. The expectation for each student athlete and their family is that booster fees are paid and that they volunteer for at least 1 event. If you and/or your student athlete sells a sponsorship your booster fee is waived. Fees are $60/student athlete and cover all of the meals for traveling games, supports additional coaches for more personalized coaching and provides for equipment and items that cannot be covered through the district funds. Additional information as to how these fees are used is attached and can be found here. Booster fees can be covered/paid in 1 of 3 ways:

1. Online at

2. In person via check made to LHS Football Boosters with your athlete’s name in the memo. These can be provided at the booster club table at any Varsity home games.

3. Sponsorship sale. As stated, booster club fees are waived for student athletes who sell a team sponsorship, all sponsorship sales are typically due by the first week in August.  A link to sponsorship sales tracking is provided on SportsYou, All previous sponsors who need to be contacted but do not have a designated booster club contacts will be highlighted in yellow. These are people that will most likely buy and simply need to be contacted. We highly encourage adding new businesses so if you have a new business that you will be contacting please add them to the sponsorship tracking list. Please reach out to Sarah Mitchell, Sponsorship committee chair, for more information. Sponsorship flyer link:


Volunteer for at least 1 event. Online sign-up forms will be sent out to parents throughout the season for team meals, varsity home games, etc. Please watch for these emails throughout the year and sign up for at least one event that will work with your schedule.

Sign up for This app/website provides ongoing updates throughout the season and during the off-season for parents and players. Work with your student athlete to request access to this file from their coach. 





Booster Club General Information

The Legacy Football Boosters is a non-profit organization run by the football players parents with the involvement of Head Coach Chris Clements, supporting football related activities at Legacy High School, by means of fundraising, business sponsorships, pledges, in-kind donations, and by providing Volunteer Services.

Booster Club- Officers
Vice PresidentSteven


Booster Club- Meeting Schedule and Requested Attendees


MeetingRequested Attendees
MarchOfficers & Class Reps
AprilOfficers & Class Reps
MayOfficers, Class Reps & Parents
JuneOfficers, Class Reps & Parents
JulyOfficers, Class Reps & Parents
AugustOfficers, Class Reps & Parents
SeptemberOfficers & Class Reps
OctoberOfficers & Class Reps
NovemberOfficers & Class Reps
DecemberOfficers, Class Reps & Parents

Meeting Dates, agenda and minutes are sent out and available through the LHS Football Parents Sports U group.

Booster Club- Committees

Ideally each committee would have a freshman, sophomore, junior and senior parent on the committee to allow for minimal disruption as members phase out. 



This 3-4 person committee is responsible for the sales and coordination of sponsorships.  (Ideally this committee would include the treasurer and a sophomore, junior and senior class rep.) Duties include the following:

  • Establish sponsorship deadline yearly. Deadline for sponsorships will be determined by the turnaround time needed to supply the programs for the first game. 
  • Assigning booster club members to existing sponsors of existing senior families and reminding existing sponsor contacts to contact their existing sponsors. 
  • Keeping track of sold/pending sponsorships
  • Planning/printing of program booklets.  Amanda at United Printing is the printer that has been utilized in the past for printing.
  • Working with the event/communication committee to ensure sponsors are represented at games, on the website and on Facebook. 
  • Works with the Development committee to coordinate any “in-kind” food sponsors for team meals, etc.



This 3-4 person committee is responsible for the communication efforts for the booster club.  (Ideally this committee would include the secretary and a sophomore, junior and senior class rep.) Duties include the following: 

  • Coordination of Senior photos and poster printing (taken by ?)
  • Coordination of game photography and banquet video (taken by Lyle Ripplinger)
  • Promotion of all games on the LHS FB Facebook page
  • Post-game updates on the LHS FB Facebook page
  • Create Events for each booster club meeting under LHS FB Facebook page to encourage attendance
  • Working with the Sponsorship committee to ensure sponsors are represented at games, on the website and on Facebook.
  • Keeping the website up to date. This includes game schedules, roster, camp information and booster club information like meeting minutes. 
  • Coordinating efforts and promoting events/theme nights such as:
    • Senior Night
    • Military Night
    • Homecoming
    • End of the Year Banquet
  • Work with Development Committee to establish volunteers needed for events



This 3-4 person committee is responsible for the volunteer efforts for the booster club.  (Ideally this committee would include the president, vice president and freshman class reps.) Duties include the following: 

  • Reserving Team meal nights (night before varsity games) at Sunrise Elementary
  • Submit report for permit post games- 50/50 raffle ticket sales:
  • Establishing Team Meal Coordinator
    • This person will be responsible for identifying planners for each meal night and help them to establish both volunteers for setup/cleanup and providing food
  • Open Field Snacks- Coordinating donation efforts for snacks for open field nights (work with Clem to identify dates)
  • Varsity Games- Coordinate Freshman volunteers for selling LHS Football Booster merchandise and 50/50 raffle tickets
  • Work with Coach to coordinate away game meal purchases
  • Work with Event/Communication committee to coordinate volunteers for theme nights and events
  • Works with Sponsorship committees to coordinate any in-kind food sponsors

A strategic plan for these committees can be found here


As young athletes we expect that our students should manage issues with their coaches directly. That said, if you have an issue that you would like to discuss with your student athlete’s coach, we ask that you observe the 24-hour rule. (The 24-hour rule states that a parent should not contact a coach until after 24 hours to make remarks, complaints, or observations after a practice or game in which the incident occured.)

Chris ClementsHead
Ben JolliffeAssistant
Jaeger MarchantAssistant
Jason HoekstraAssistant
Jon BreitbachAssistant
Justin SauerAssistant
Lars JacobsenAssistant
Nick JolliffeAssistant
Phillip ThomasAssistant
Riley RiehlAssistant




Commitment to each other:
Measurables: Greater than 80% attendance in off-season training or another sport (Winter, Spring, Summer) Team GPA 3.0 (WDA Team Scholar Award), No ineligibles
● Attendance: Regular presence at training, practices, meetings, and games is crucial for individual improvement and team cohesion.
● Prioritizing Academics: Understanding that academic success is paramount for future opportunities and personal growth.
● Maintaining Good Grades: Balancing athletic demands with academic responsibilities through effective time management and study habits.
● Being a Good Citizen: Exemplifying positive behavior and making positive contributions to the school and community as a whole.
● Eligibility: Following NDHSAA Eligibility Guidelines, no failing grades, suspensions, or behavioral misconduct.


Responsibility and Accountability:
Measurables: Positive body language, being in the moment and not a distraction.

● Following Rules and Guidelines: Abiding by team rules, playbooks, and coaches’ instructions demonstrates discipline and commitment.
● Taking Responsibility: Owning mistakes and learning from them is vital for individual and team growth.
● Time Management and Organization: Balancing academic and athletic commitments requires effective time management and organizational skills.
● Positive Attitude: Maintaining a positive mindset, even during challenges, commitment towards a supportive team environment.


Coachability and Trust:
Measurables:HUDL Viewership (practice video, game video and scheme installs)
● Having trust in yourself, teammates and your coaches.
● Openness to Feedback: Actively listening to and implementing coaches’ guidance fosters improvement and development.
● Willingness to Learn: A constant desire to learn new skills, strategies, and plays keeps players adaptable and growing.
● Embracing Challenges: Facing new tasks and difficult situations with a positive attitude allows for learning and skill expansion.


Physical and Mental Toughness:
Measurables: Being present, taking reps and playing with a motor.
● Consistent hard work, both on and off the field, demonstrates commitment and maximizes potential.
● Maintaining Conditioning: Consistent strength training and dedication to physical fitness are essential for optimal performance and injury prevention.
● Mental Toughness: Developing resilience, emotional control, and focus helps players perform under pressure and overcome setbacks.
● Healthy Habits: Prioritizing good nutrition, rest, and hydration contributes to overall well-being and peak performance.


Teamwork and Sportsmanship:
Measurables: Treating others the way you want to be treated.
● Putting the Team First: Recognizing individual success hinges on collective effort and prioritizing team goals over personal glory.
● Communication and Collaboration: Effectively communicating with teammates and coaches fosters good relationships and smoother gameplay.
● Respect and Fair Play: Treating teammates, opponents, and coaches with respect, both on and off the field, upholds good sportsmanship.



⮚ Complete online registration form
⮚ Have an updated physical on file
⮚ Have all athletic paperwork completed
⮚ Be academically eligible
⮚ Follow all the team policies
⮚ Participate in all team fundraisers
⮚ Participate in all in-season team activities
⮚ Participate in a Legacy lifting program in-season and off-season.


⮚ Complete all requirements to play football
⮚ Participate in a winter and/or spring sport or participate in the Legacy off-season  strength and conditioning program with 80% participation
⮚ Participate in 80% attendance for SABER Training in the Summer
⮚ Any issue with the previously mentioned, you may schedule a meeting with Coach
Clements to discuss other opportunities


The Head Coach will communicate with players constantly. All players will meet individually with Coach Clements in November, February, August.
These meetings will be to discuss short and long term goals as well as address any questions/concerns.
**Coach Clements and all coaches are available to sit down and talk to all players at anytime the player wants


Discipline should be fair and consistent and designed to change and improve behavior not humiliate or punish. We may discipline using the following:
⮚ Informal Conference
⮚ Formal Conference
⮚ Distraction List


Any player that violates any team policy will be placed on the “Distraction List”. The most successful teams eliminate distractions. Any player causing a distraction will be placed on the list. This group will be assigned extra workouts/cleaning.


If you miss practice, you cannot make up for that opportunity to get better. If you must miss practice, you need to let us know.
⮚ If you miss practice excused – you get 1 day on the distraction list (simply to make up
time missed and show your teammates you missed them)
⮚ If you miss practice unexcused – you get 2 days on the distraction list and if it happens
repeatedly you will be removed from the program.
⮚ If you miss weights or film, you will be placed on the distraction list for 1 day


Don’t do anything that will bring negative attention to yourself, your teammates or the program.


⮚ You will be issued a locker & equipment each year
⮚ You should keep your locker locked at all times.
⮚ If your locker does not work or you have any other locker problem, let the coaching staff know.
⮚ It is the players’ responsibility to keep the locker room clean. If the locker room is not
clean, the entire team runs.
⮚ It is your responsibility to keep up with your equipment and keep it clean. (Wash and Disinfect weekly at a minimum.)
⮚ If you lose anything, you will be placed on the Distraction List.
⮚ Do NOT come to practice without being fully equipped or you will be placed on the
Distraction List.
⮚ You are fiscally responsible for any missing or damaged equipment


⮚ Know the difference between PAIN and INJURY.
⮚ Relay ALL information on any ailments to Jordan Davis, our trainer
⮚ Assume you will always dress out for practice. Limited players wear a different
color jersey.
⮚ If you have a serious injury and are out for a substantial amount of time, you still must
attend practice each day.
⮚ Team Athletic Trainer dictates practice & training ability, doctors outside the team must coordinate with Athletic Trainer.
⮚ If you are NOT on the Athletic Trainer Injury Report, you WILL practice.
⮚ Unless you are a captain, if you are injured, you do not travel.


⮚ An athlete may not drive themselves or get a ride to the event.
⮚ The only exceptions are events located in the Bismarck/Mandan city limits
⮚ Anyone traveling home with a parent must turn in a travel waiver prior to departure.




⮚ Do not alter or cut any issued equipment.
⮚ No hooded sweatshirt or similar items may be worn out from under your shoulder pads. Cold weather undergarments are available for purchase prior to the season.
⮚ Any undergarment worn must be a Legacy High School color


All Varsity players that dress on Friday night that end the season in good standing will earn a Varsity Letter. We do not base letters on stats or playing time. Everyone is important to our team and if you have abided by the team policies and have remained on
the team throughout the season, you earn a letter. 


Any player that achieves 80% attendance for the summer lifting program and has over a 3.0 GPA will be awarded a chrome LS sticker to wear on the back of their football helmet.


All players are important to the success of the football program, but we want our team to know we expect more from the seniors. Seniors should work hard to do the little things and do the extra things. They should be leaders and understand “the first person you lead is YOU. The rules of the team may be tougher for seniors because the expectations are higher.